MiFID II and Fixed Income Transparency: Making Sense of Data

For buy side and sell side alike, confidence in meeting MiFID II regulation will hinge on access to reliable and accurate data, not least where fixed income is concerned. According to four industry experts, rethinking how to source, use and interrogate data will be key to gaining a competitive edge.

2016 Event Highlights and Attendee Breakdown

This November, Barcelona was transformed into the European capital of fixed income trading for 3 days. With over 570 attendees, and close to half of these representing leading global asset managers and hedge funds, the Fixed Income Leaders Summit continued on its promise to deliver THE market leading, buy side focused event.

Our buy side focused agenda, with dedicated content for both Heads of Trading and Portfolio Managers covering bonds and derivatives, provided attendees with cutting edge solutions to stay on top of the rapidly evolving fixed income landscape. Additionally, the ‘Platform Evaluation Day’ gave the buy side the unbeatable opportunity to collaboratively compare the leading new Fixed Income platforms in one place at one time.


The Rise of the Buy-Side as a Price Maker

Is the buy-side becoming an active price maker?  With the buy-side holding more and more fixed income securities, they are now positioned to help improve market liquidity and increase secondary turnover. However, just holding the assets is not enough – the buy-side need the appropriate technology, reach and skillset to move into a world of price formation and liquidity provision.  Gareth Coltman, Head of European Product Management at MarketAxess, explains how the buy-side is adapting to evolving fixed income market structure.

MarketAxess is a global leader for fixed income electronic trading, connecting a network of over 1,000 institutional investor and broker-dealer firms.  Founded in 2000, MarketAxess was launched at a time of significant technological innovation, a legacy the firm has continued. With the development of its all-to-all Open Trading™ functionality, MarketAxess is helping to shape the future of the credit markets. Open Trading allows participants to trade Eurobonds, emerging market, US high-grade and high-yield bonds with all other participants on the platform. 

Fixed Income Leaders Summit 2015 - The Highlights

The Meeting Place for European Leaders in Fixed Income Trading

The Fixed Income Leaders Summit returned in 2015 with a bang, delivering on its promise to provide a market leading buy side focused event.

With 407 attendees, and nearly half of those representing leading asset managers, hedge funds and currency managers, it truly represented the largest buy side gathering of senior fixed income decision makers in Europe.

Trends in Fixed Income - US vs Europe

With a variety of regulatory changes shaking up both the US and European fixed income market, the industry is seeking methods and knowledge on how best to ensure these regulations have a limited impact on their business and which new technologies to invest in and platforms to partner with.

Compare now the Top Trends in US with the Top Trends in Europe...

Fixed Income and Electronic Trading

In the Equities or Foreign Exchange (“FX”) markets, evaluating a potential trade does not require much calculation, and so the pure speed of moving data from one application to another has been one of the prime limiting factors on winning those trades. But the world of Fixed Income is different.

Find out how the upward trend of Electronic Trading is effecting the Fixed Income industry and what impact it could have on your firm.

US Top Trends in Fixed Income

With a variety of regulatory changes shaking up the US fixed income market, the industry is seeking methods and knowledge on how best to ensure these regulations have a limited impact on their business and which new technologies to invest in and platforms to partner with.


Gianluca Minieri Interview

Gianluca Minieri, Head of Global Trading at Pioneer Investment Management talks to us about his biggest challenges for 2015.

Nathalie Masset, Euronext Interview

Nathalie Masset, Head of European Debt Markets at Euronext talks to us about how she thinks the Fixed Income market will evolve in 2015.

Synergies between Equity and Fixed Income

A 360 degree perspective on Synergies between Equity and Fixed Income - Transparency Synergies and what is transferable to Fixed Income.